This site was researched, produced and built by a team of Master’s candidates at the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism.

On the site, you can explore our investigation of shelter life, a confusing and frustrating process; the educational policy that aims to guarantee a good education for homeless youth; the data and statistics upon which we built our project; and perhaps most important, the voices of the youth, parents and advocates who deal with the realities of homeless life every day. Each category, which you can also see in the navigation bar just below the logo, has multiple posts that examine different angles.

For further information, including some of the statistical sources we used, please see Further Reading.

Managing Editors:

Alana Casanova-Burgess has roots on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and on the pristine beaches of the Dominican Republic, but recently traded up for Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She co-produced our data map and Gimme Shelter, as well as the quiz. She also contributed reporting for a piece on the PATH Center, the need for stability in education, and the interview with Jennifer Pringle. And finally, she wrote the piece on LGBT runaways and homeless youth.

Eleanor Miller grew up in the Midwest but came to the East Coast to attend NYU eight years ago and has never left.  Currently, she lives in Brooklyn, and spends her spare time studying religions.  Eleanor contributed reporting to the PATH Center story, and wrote the post about mental health.

Contributing Editors

Hannah Rappleye is a freelance journalist, editor and photographer based in Brooklyn. Her favorite places to report from are Africa, Michigan and the Bronx.  Hannah reported and produced Higher Learning While Homeless.

Matt Robinson is a freelance journalist from Rhode Island. Matt wrote and reported Higher Learning While Homeless, CPR for Mental Health and contributed to Learning on the Move. He’s concentrating on business and economic reporting and currently lives in the Bronx.

Dan Chung was born in Seoul, Korea, moved to Chicago when he was 8 months old and graduated from the University of Illinois where he studied Rhetoric and Poetry. After college he started a non-profit, which assists North Korean refugees in China called Crossing Broders. Dan reported on the PATH Center, and about the life of a homeless college student.

Colby Hamilton (flash editor) lives in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. He attended Emerson College as an undergraduate, and split his early life between Colorado and Maine.  Colby curated and co-produced our main data map.

Dale W. Eisinger is a reporter from Idaho.  Dale wrote and reported our main education article, and the interview with a veteran New York City teacher.

Perry Santanachote was born and raised in Colorado, and recently traded mountain peaks for skyscrapers when she moved to New York City to kick start her career in journalism. She is currently the arts and culture reporter for the New York Times blog, The Local, and freelances for multiple publications.  Perry wrote and produced Gimme Shelter, the policy timeline, and the FAQs.

Mariana Vasconcellos is a Brazilian-born, internationally-grown multimedia journalist. Her work has been featured in publications across the globe, notably through the Agence France-Presse and, more recently, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.  She produced the quiz, the national statistics map, and the interview with Jennifer Pringle.

Vineeth Thomas

Rochana Rapkins is a New York-based freelance writer. Her recent work has been featured in The New York Times “The Local,” The West Side Spirit, Our Town, and New York Press.  Rochana wrote and reported on the shelter in Hell’s Kitchen and after-school and summer programs for homeless children.

Diana Cabral is a multimedia journalist with a strong interest in immigration, urban development and other social issues.  In recent months, she has covered many stories in Coney Island and elsewhere in Brooklyn.

Faculty Advisors:  Jeremy Caplan, Tim Harper and Charles Wilson


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